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What is JClic?

JClic is formed by a set of computer applications that are used for carrying out different types of educational activities: puzzles, associations, text exercises, crosswords...

The activities are not usually used alone, but packed in projects. A project is formed by a set of activities and one or more sequences, which indicate the order in which they have to be shown.

The predecessor of JClic is Clic, an application that  has been used by educators of different countries since 1992 as a tool for the creation of didactic activities for their students.

JClic is developed in the Java platform, is a free software project and works in different environments and operating systems.

Two ways of accessing the projects JClic are offered in the library of activities in the clicZone:

Playing the activities in an applet

An applet is an object embedded in a web page. The projects that are seen this way do not remain stored in the hard disk: JClic downloads it, uses it and finally deletes it.
If the JClic applet does not start, probably your computer's Java needs to be updated. It's also advisable to take a look at a page on the process of applet downloading.

Installing the activities

JClic has a wizard which allows you to  download the activities and put them in the projects library of the computer. The library is created the first time JClic is started, or when you try to do the first installation of a project.
To see the projects in the library you will need to download and install JClic.
As in the previous case, if the installer does not start automatically you must check the Java system of your computer.

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