El pollito Chiqui
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CPEE Pilar Soubrier
Lorca (Murcia)
Clic activities based on the story Ayuda, mamá, ayuda (Ediciones Beascoa Publishing house), destined to special education, infantile education and first cycle of primary school.
The activity has four parts:
  • Story to see. Wants to be the children¿s first attempt to start reading interactively and intuitively
  • Activities 1. have 31 exercises where it¿s not necessary for the child to read. these activities contains very easy association exercises and puzzles playing with colours, sizes and space-time concepts.
  • Story to read. The child can listen the tale or read it if the sound is switch it off.
  • Activities 2. have 39 exercises, 11 of them are text based. this package also contains puzzles, numbers form 1 to 5, find the differences and word-image, word-word and sound-word associations.
Topic Languages
Levels Kindergarten (3-6), Primary school (6-12)
Date 29/05/01
License Licensed under a
Creative Commons license

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