Estimulación del lenguaje
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CP Santo Negro
Elda (Valls del Vinalopó)
Clic activities about language stimulation in Spanish. In the package there are different kinds of activities:
  • Spelling.
  • Problems of reasoning, opposites and analogies.
  • Confusion of phonemes, graphemes, associations, analogies, put in order.
  • The months of the year and the days of the week.
  • Temporary notions, to put in order and definitions.
  • Situations, comparisons and classes.
  • Similarities, synonymous, antonyms...
  • Associations, sentences and riddles.
  • Absurds, texts, rhymes and riddles.
  • Different words.
  • Temporary sequence.
  • Alphabetical order.
  • Reading understanding, descriptions and definitions.
Topic Languages
Level Primary school (6-12)
Date 01/06/01
License Licensed under a
Creative Commons license

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