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CP Lorenzo Goicoa
Villava (Navarra)
Clic activities about Spanish orthography. This package has fifteen lessons:
  • The alphabet and to order words
  • Capital letters
  • M before p and b
  • ca, que, qui , co, cu, ce, ci
  • c, d, z
  • r, rr
  • g, j, gu, gü
  • b, v
  • s, x
  • y, ll
  • h
  • Homonymous words
  • Orthographic rules
  • I learn words
  • Antonymous and synonymous words
The package includes document of Word with basic orthographic rules of the Spanish language.
Topic Languages
Levels Primary school (6-12), Secondary school (12-16)
Date 27/06/01
License Licensed under a
Creative Commons license

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