Lengua para 3r ciclo de primaria
Laurentino Gómez and Moncho Marín Calvo Write a message to Moncho Marín Calvo
CP San Lorenzo de Ezcaray
Ezcaray (La Rioja)
Spanish activities for the third cycle of primary school. The activities are based on four texts:
  • "Cuento de la cebolla",
  • "Relato de los gritos" (Robert Fulghum),
  • "Las abarcas desiertas" (Miguel Hernández)
  • "El mercader de burros" (Idries Shan).

Comprehension activities are proposed based on these texts. Additionally, some other activities (orthography, word classification, verb tenses and syntactic analysis) are included in other packages.

Topic Languages
Level Primary school (6-12)
Date 04/11/03
License Licensed under a
Creative Commons license

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