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The project PRONUNCIEM contains a set of didactic and interactive activities addressed to foreign pupils of secondary school to introduce them in the basic pronunciation of central catalan. The activities deal with the sound identification as well as its pronunciation by means of repetition and imitation. The project Pronunciem includes didactic pronunciation newnesses due to the fact of balancing the relevance between catalan suprasegments (accent, intonation) and specific segments(vowels, consonants) in order to enable the pupils identify the characteristic features of the catalan language.
The activities are shown in two differentiated sections:
  • The first section deals with the SUPRASEGMENT ELEMENTS, accent and intonation.
  • The second section deals with the CATALAN PHONEME ARTICULATION, the vowels (stressed, unstressed) and the catalan consonants, either isolated or into context.
Topic Languages
Level Secondary school (12-16)
Date 07/09/07
License Licensed under a
Creative Commons license

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