Fem feinetes amb les 100 paraules
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Collaboration: Aram López
Voice: Nil López
CEIP Brasil
CEIP Pau Casals
Montmeló (Vallčs Oriental)
This program is the second part of 100 paraules per escriure. Iria presents us her friends being at the classroom doing some works. There six childs in the classroom. Each character presents one project of activities and each of it has three difficulty levels. It also can be done correlatively. Each project contains twelve works.
  • Listen with Nil
  • Sound catching with Jordi
  • Observe with Aram
  • Think with Mireia
  • Read and wirte with Marc
  • Play with Laia
Topic Languages
Level Kindergarten (3-6)
Date 20/11/07
License Licensed under a
Creative Commons license

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