El joc dels colors
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The play of colours is meant for children from infantile education (p3) and special education who do not know neither colours nor letters.

This project is divided in ten parts. To know, recognize and work with colour. It not required to make all parts at the same time.

  1. The colours' song Introduction activity. Jan sings the colours' song. Yellow, red, blue and green. A pdf file is available for downloading.
  2. Exploring the colours Sorting activities. Find the colours in a beach. It's useful for an initial evaluation. Make the puzzle Activity to learn the shapes. Firstly, the activity shows the drawing thereafter shows the colours. An audio record introduces the drawings. We make sure that children know how to relate using the mouse.
  3. Coupling game Activity which helps to relate and discriminate the same drawings.
  4. Know the pictures and the colours Activity which links shape and colour.
  5. Paint the shade Activity which links the shadow of each drawing with its shape and colour.
  6. Pick up the brush and paint Activity which connects the colour with its shape.
  7. The wrong drawing There's a drawing with the wrong colour.
  8. The hidden drawing There's one drawing missing. The boy or girl should find it.
  9. The clothes' colours
Topic Miscellaneous
Level Kindergarten (3-6)
Date 04/07/08
License Licensed under a
Creative Commons license

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