Matemáticas y realidad
Ascensión Preciado Bravo , Juan Chacón Jerez , María de la Paz Pérez Rodríguez , María del Mar Mota Medina , María José Moreno Bayort and Raquel Muñoz Vara Write a message to Raquel Muñoz Vara
CPR de Badajoz
Badajoz (Extremadura)
Project of activities with 4 sections where daily situation are related with mathematics in order to disclose to pupils the maths that are round them, for instance, mathematics and trade, mathematics and music, mathematics and mass media...

Several topics are treated across the activities like decimal numbers, fractions, integers, proportions, Thales' theorem, statistics... Transversal topics are also dealed like road safety education, consumer education...

Topic Mathematics
Level Secondary school (12-16)
Date 23/09/08
License Licensed under a
Creative Commons license

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Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament d'Educació Xarxa Telemàtica Educativa de Catalunya